Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Whole30 Week Three

Day Fifteen-
Breakfast- Fried eggs, Aidell's sausage, "fried potatoes"
Lunch- Egg salad, cucumber, avocado oil chips, banana

Dinner- Hamburger, sweet and white potato fries, avocado
Snacks- Apple with almond butter

Day Sixteen-
Breakfast- Egg cups
Lunch- Potato soup (a healthified version of a family recipe), salad with grilled chicken

Dinner- Chocolate chili over sweet potato
Snacks- Apple with almond butter

Day Seventeen-
Fried eggs, Aidell's sausage, sweet potato hash. Banana ginger coconut milk smoothie
Lunch- Chili over sweet potato

Dinner- Sausage kale soup
Snacks- Carrots. Banana, clementine

Day Eighteen-
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs with leftover sweet potato hash mixed in. Banana ginger coconut milk smoothie
Lunch- Leftover sausage kale soup

Dinner- Ham lunch meat with stone ground mustard and avocado on lettuce, avocado oil chips, pan-cooked spinach
Snacks- Clementine. Banana

Day Nineteen-
Breakfast- Scrambled eggs. Aidell's sausage
Lunch- Ham on lettuce with avocado, coconut oil chips. Smoothie/juice with kale, spinach, beet greens, golden beet, frozen banana with peel, pear, cashew milk, coconut milk, water, ice

Day Twenty-
Somehow, this day did not get recorded. Oops!

Day Twenty-One-
Breakfast wasn't recorded here, either. What?!
Lunch- Burger and fries

Dinner- Chicken meatball lemon kale soup. Fried banana and apple
Snacks- Egg salad. Apple with almond butter

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