Friday, February 19, 2016

2016 Whole30 Week Four and Review

Day Twenty-Two-
Breakfast- Ham egg cups
Lunch- Vegetable beef soup

Dinner- Meatballs, fries

Day Twenty-Three-
Breakfast- Breakfast casserole
Lunch- Leftover chicken meatball kale soup

Dinner- Pork over sweet potato with homemade BBQ sauce, smash potatoes, homemade coleslaw with an Asian twist

Day Twenty-Four-
Breakfast- Casserole
Lunch- Taco salad with avocado lime dressing

Dinner- Dinner was skipped because we were out taking care of farmer's market business, but we each had a Larabar later on

Day Twenty-Five-
Breakfast- Casserole
Lunch- Chicken salad

Dinner- Chicken no tortilla soup

Day Twenty-Six-
Breakfast- Eggs, bacon. Post-workout smoothie
Lunch- Fajitas meat

Dinner- Sloppy Joes over spaghetti squash, fries

Day Twenty-Seven-
At this point, I guess I became so busy that I forgot to write down what we were eating. From what I remember, it wasn't anything new or exciting, just the same things that we'd been having throughout the month.

Whole30 2016 Takeaway

  • A few inches were lost, though not enough to really notice.
  • We really got bored with food, unfortunately. I had wanted to use recipes from cookbooks that I have on two electronic devices, but the batteries on both devices were dead and the chargers were LOST! I just found one of the chargers a couple days ago, but I'm still on the hunt for the other one. I'll give a prize to anybody who can come over and find that charger for me.
  • Here's the most incredible thing that happened during the Whole30: MY HEADACHES WENT AWAY FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH! I've had chronic pain almost my entire life. Right before the Whole30, my headaches, in their new form yet still deemed "migraines", were coming at a rate of two to three times a week and were debilitating. During the Whole30, I did not have a single one of those headaches. NOT ONE. Since reintroducing all the different food groups the past couple of weeks, I've had TWO headaches, just in one week alone! Coincidence? I think not! (I'm glad I was able to find this .gif)


            Thus ends our Whole30 January, 2016 review. Come back soon for more Whole30-related posts!

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