Monday, September 30, 2013

Foodie Penpals Reveal Day

I was very excited to get to participate in Foodie Penpals again, since it's been a while.
This month, to celebrate two years of Foodie Penpals, Lindsay (of decided to do direct matching. This meant that the person I sent a box to was the same person that sent a box to me.

I got my box from Geneva in California, who happens to live near where I was born. Since I've done this FPP program, I've seen what a small world it is. :P

I told Geneva that I try not to eat gluten, and boy, did she deliver!

Here is the box as deconstructed by me.

  •  XO Baking Co Gluten-free banana bread
  • Danielle Market Crunchy pumpkin chips - I've had my eyes on these for a while so it was nice to actually get to try them. They are delicious, though not what I'd expected them to taste like.

  • Marin Food Specialties Gluten-free wildberry bars - these are great; kinda like fig newtons
  • Mama Mellace's Cinnamon roasted mixed nuts - I've been rationing these out because candied nuts are my FAVORITE!

  • Mary's Gone Crackers Gluten-free super seed crackers - delicious!
  • Cooksimple Punjabi curry with coconut and brown rice - This was delicious and smelled so good when it was cooking. Plus, it got me through several meals!

The contents of a pretty little bag: 
  • Three Go Raw Live flax bars
  •  Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit leathers in: Abundant Apricot, Orchard Cherry, Autumn Apple, and  Ripened Raspberry
  • Panda soft licorice
  • Good Earth Tea bags - 3 Sweetly Twisted Black and Herbal, and 3 Cocoa Tango Black

This box was so wonderful and exciting! Thanks, Geneva, for doing such a wonderful job!

Interested in participating in Foodie Penpals? You must sign up by the 4th of each month by filling out the form on, and you can find the rules there as well.

Happy eating! It will be for me, at least. Ha ha ha

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