Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best Elf Ever

Buddy the elf must now assume the title of Second Best Elf Ever, because there's now someone in first place: my Elf for the Elf4Health program, Stefanie.
Stefanie fooled me into thinking that she was going to send me a birthday card, but she sent a whole package, full of goodies--and care.

She even sent an elf hat.
Hey, Stefanie? You rock. Thanks


  1. That is so sweet! What did you get for being the best elf? I tried doing the program but my elf never contacted me and I couldn't find a new one. :-(

  2. I'm getting a prize package from the sponsors. I'm so excited!
    I'm so sorry that your partner was a flake! You should email one of the head elves and just make them aware of what happened. I'll be your elf! (just not over text until my phone fixes itself)